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The Friday Gospels

“A serious, distinctive and eminently readable story of faith and family; about the demands of the world and the desires of the individual.” – Independent on Sunday

It’s Friday in the Leeke household, but this is no ordinary Friday: the Leekes are Mormons and tonight they will be welcoming back their son Gary from his two-year mission in Utah. In turn, the members of the family let us into their private thoughts and plans. There’s teenage Jeannie, wrestling with a disastrous secret; her peculiar elder brother, Julian, who’s plotting an exit according to his own warped logic; their father, Martin, dreaming of escape; and ‘golden boy’ Gary, who dreads his return. As the day progresses, nothing goes according to anyone’s plan, and the outcome is as unexpected as it is shocking.

“Utterly, compulsively readable.” – Sunday Times

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