• "The beautiful, provocative prose and dangerous, quirky protagonist mark Ashworth as a writer to watch." Publisher's Weekly
  • "An extraordinarily perceptive and beautifully written novel." Sunday Express
  • "A novel about the power and pitfalls of narrative, it is told by the hand of a true storyteller." The Independent
  • "A chilly, blackly funny novel with a surreal edge." Grazia Magazine
  • "A wonderful tale, beautifully told." Bella
  • "Ashworth's second book confirms that the first was no one-off... her talent could take her a long way." The Guardian
  • "Ashworth evokes a damaged mind with the empathy and confidence of Ruth Rendell." The Times
  • "An intense and intriguing novel that never quite lets the reader get comfortable... in a gripping, ever-darkening narrative." Jenny Diski
  • "An impressive debut that will remind some of the work of Patricia Highsmith. A nasty, but tough-to-put-down portrait of a sociopath." Kirkus
  • "…who wouldn’t kill for a comic gift like Jenn Ashworth’s?" The Guardian
  • It's Friday in the Leeke household, but this is no ordinary Friday and the Leekes are a little unusual: they are Lancastrian Mormons, and this evening their son Gary will return from 2 years as a missionary in Salt Lake City.His mother is planning a celebratory dinner - with difficulty, since she's virtually housebound with an undiagnosed, embarrassing condition. What she doesn't realise is that the rest of the family - her meek husband, disturbed oldest son, and teenage daughter - have other plans for the evening, each involving drastic and irrevocable action.As the narrative baton passes from one Leeke to the next, disaster inexorably looms. Except that nothing goes according to plan, and the outcome is as unexpected as it is shocking. Giving a fascinating insight into the Mormon way of life, this blackly funny tale of innocence betrayed shows the havoc religion can wreak. Read more
  • Cold Light is the dark tale of three fourteen-year-old girls and a volatile combination of lies, jealousy and perversion that ends in tragedy. Blackly funny and with a surreal edge to its portrait of a northern English town, Jenn Ashworth's gripping novel captures the intensity of girls' friendships and the dangers they face in a predatory adult world they think they can handle. And it shows just how far that world is willing to let sentiment get in the way of the truth. Read more
  • Annie is hoping for a clean slate, but there's something familiar about the boy next door - she's convinced she's seen him somewhere before. Obese, lonely and undeterred by her target's hostile girlfriend, she searches for guidance by obsessively studying self-help literature and romance novels. Though Annie struggles to repress a murky history of violence, secrets and sexual mishaps her past is never too far behind her, finally shattering her denial in a compelling and bloody climax. Read more

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    So, tonight is the last Curious Tales gig of the season. If you’re willing to forgo seeing the Broadchurch finale as it airs, you could come to Verbose in Fallowfield, hosted by Sarah-Clare Conlon of Les Malheureux fame […]more
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    I know August, for most of you, is a time of sand-castles and ice creams. Maybe even a bit of sunbathing. Not so for me and the rest of the Curious Tales team. We spent all of August […]more
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    I had the opportunity last week to visit MMU Crewe (I will never drive there again – it took me nearly three hours to get there in the morning – it’s the train all the way for me […]more


  • Jerwood / Arvon Mentoring Scheme
    Here’s something special – the opportunity to work closely with three fabulously talented new writers over the course of a year, kicked off with a glorious week at the newly refurbished Hurst. We wrote, played, talked a bit […]more
  • BBC Radio 4: Five Thousand Lads a Year
    It’s been a short-storyish sort of winter, really. What with Katy, My Sister and Dark Jack both coming out in the last couple of months. I’ve been beavering away on a new novel too. But more about that […]more
  • The Longest Night: Five Curious Tales
    If I’ve already got in your face about this on Facebook, sorry. I’m just very excited. Today is the official publication day for The Longest Night: Five Curious Tales which is a writing/art/lo-fi DIY publishing collaboration I’ve been […]more
  • Short Fiction 7 2013
    Just a tiny note to say I have a new story published this month in Short Fiction 7. It is called Katy, My Sister and is a kind of companion piece to Every Member A Missionary, which I […]more
  • Forthcoming events
    I’ve been quiet recently. Mainly typing. But here are some places where I will be out and about over the next couple of months. Come and say hello if you’re there. 18th July – 7.30pm Hebden Bridge Library […]more
  • On Elizabeth Smart and Chewing Gum
    The Friday Gospels has been out nearly six months now (phew!) and I’ve done a ton of events and had a ton and a half of emails about it. Generally people have been very kind, and more than […]more
  • Links and stuff
    Busy busy busy! A wonderful launch party at Blackwell’s Manchester, with lots of friendly faces – despite the snow! If you were there, even in spirit, thank you. Just a couple of small things… A Q and A […]more
  • Ta Da
    Well it is the official publication day (I prefer to say pub-day, for obvious reasons) for The Friday Gospels. The past couple of weeks have been all about train journeys, anxiety dreams and awkward questions about Mormons. If […]more
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    It’s been AGES. I’ve been tagged a couple of times for this bloggy thing – most recently by Peggy Riley and (via facebook) my friend Richard Hirst. In a rare moment of seasonal bonhomie I’m going to join […]more
  • US Book Tour (sort of)
    As the preparations for the US publication of Cold Light go into overdrive (check out the snazzy facebook page the publicists at William Morrow made for me!) I’m delighted to announce that I will be (virtually) travelling to […]more