For Reading Groups

89791673_b5ca3a6abbThese are reading group questions for The Friday Gospels. You can find reading group questions for A Kind of Intimacy here and for Cold Light here.

(Picture credit to sshingler)

The Friday Gospels is a novel told in five different voices. Whose voice did you find the most compelling, and why? Was there any character you felt was more truthful than the others?

Most of the characters in the book are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What function does the church play in these character’s lives?

How does this novel present community? What are the pros and cons of life in a community for each of the characters?

One of the meanings of ‘conversion’ is to change one’s mind or way of thinking. Which of these characters undergo conversions through the course of the book?

Gary and Julian are brothers – Gary is Pauline’s favourite but are either of the Leeke sons the hero of this novel?

What is Ruth’s approach to faith and community? How is it different from the other characters’?

What do you think the future holds for the two unborn babies in the novel?

Do any miracles occur in The Friday Gospels?