Smithy Update

I’m really proud of the progress Sarah and I have been making at the Writing Smithy over the past few months. Recently Sarah and I have been guest blogging about our work at the Smithy for Andrew Oldham. We do have plans to extend the Writing Smithy website by adding a blog – where we’ll expand on some of the topics we brought up in our residency. But in the meantime, you might be interested in these posts.

Setting up the Smithy (it’s all in a name)

Miners and Watchmakers (using metaphors to think about writing process and to work with writers)

The Poet as  Novelist (the bigger picture of structure and sequencing)

Before you start (some things to consider before you commission a mentor / editor)

Goal Setting (not just SMART)

Making a Space (tips on carving out time to write, think, read and daydream)

Going it Alone (working without a mentor – or moving on from a mentoring relationship)

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