Greetings From Utah

Meet Bill and Ted, the mini mishie muses.

I’ve been away for a little while.  I am thousands of miles away from DePreston and visiting a place where it is possible to get sunburned in 20 minutes.

So far I’ve been staying in Salt Lake City,  making day trips out and about. Tomorrow I’m off to South West Utah for a bit more of an explore and a think before I head back home.

This trip is half research for my novel in the making, half personal oddessy. I don’t think I’ll blog about it too much just yet.

Half formed ideas are no good. I can feel things tumbling around in there and I’ve been scribbling words down in my notebook most nights, but it’s not time to write yet. And anyway,  I am saving all the best stuff for my book and I don’t want to take the lid off the fizz in my brain just yet. 

3 responses to “Greetings From Utah”

  1. Carys says:

    Can’t wait to read all about it!

  2. Kerry says:

    Ah Jenn – so exciting. Am just about to embark on my own Russia research trip and hope to feel just as ‘brain fizzed’ by the end of my month there. Also, missus bought me Cold Light as my travel present – so taking taking Chloe and cast to Moscow!

  3. Paul Lamb says:

    I’ve been to the airport in SLC, and it looked hot and sunny from the windows inside the air terminal.

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