Cold Light book trailer – the stills

Click on the pictures to see how brilliant they are. Go on.

These are all stills from the Cold Light trailer – which I spent a day out and about in Preston on Friday helping to make.

My bit was very tiny but the guys at Progress let me hang about for a bit afterwards to watch the filming and see how these sorts of things are done. I’ve never had an experience like that before and I was blown away by the detailed and careful attention required to make even a short film. I could offer only a tour of Preston’s less beautiful corners and a styrofoam cup of parched peas as a token of my gratitude. And while filming in the bus-station, some tiny Preston scallies strutting around in their own little cloud of skunk-smoke threatened to stab us all in the neck. Sadly, they didn’t hang around long enough to sign consent forms so they could appear as extras.

Book trailers that show the faces of the characters run the risk of disappointing the reader. So much of the pleasure is to be found in imagining the faces of the characters for yourself. I know that because I like reading as much as I like writing, and so it was something I worried a little bit about. Especially when it came to putting the faces of Chloe and Lola out there. Cold Light is a gripping, page turnery book with a tangled investigation into a decade old murder at its heart but, like everything I write, it is really about the changing and troubled relationships between the characters. And these two in particular. More than event, more than setting – if Chloe and Lola were going to be cast for the trailer, it was important to get them right.

I met with the film makers in the pub the night before to go over the schedule for the next day.

‘You’ve not seen the girls yet, have you?’ one of the guys said.

‘Nope,’ I squeaked, and a few clicks and swipes of a mobile phone later and a picture of Becky and her friend Gemma appeared.

And I came over all teary eyed and emotional, which is unlike me. They are just right. And the the painstaking work that Progress did before filming – reading the book, casting the actors for Carl, Chloe and Lola, visiting Preston to scope out the locations, shopping for clothes, parkas, shag bands, bags of chips and more gold jewellery you can shake a stick at – means that these images are as close to what went on in my head when I was imagining the story as possible.

What do you think?

I’m very pleased, and dead excited about seeing the finished product. Which should be soon.

Big (mega) thanks to Matt, Ben and Amy at Progress, Katy at Sceptre and Andrew, Gemma and Becky the cast. Andrew did a brilliant job of looking appropriately terrifying but is actually not like Carl at all IRL. So don’t send him hate mail because he’s a gentleman. 🙂 

2 responses to “Cold Light book trailer – the stills”

  1. Jessica says:

    Looking forward to reading Cold Light 🙂


  2. Those pictures really took me back to the Preston of my teenage years: hunting around for old vinyl at the market and in Rooster Records, followed by chips of coffe with my Dad in Bruccianis.

    Yes, there’s nothing quite like getting grit in your rose-tinted spectacles.

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