Cloud in Trousers

A novelist (or at least the kind I aspire to be) is a cloud in trousers; ie, someone with no very fixed sense of identity, or with multiple personalities and views all shifting in or out of focus.

Amanda Craig.

When I was saying this, that is what I meant. Picture nabbed from the exellently named Cloud Appreciation Society.

Writers and their methods will be as various as the clouds themselves, but I read what Amanda said and nodded. How can I put myself in the shoes of all the people I want to write about (especially as it seems I can’t stop writing in first person) if I’ve solidified what I think about everything?

Does this make me an unfit member of society? Very possibly. 

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  1. Paul Lamb says:

    When I visited my son in Kenya several years ago (he: a Peace Corps volunteer; me: someone held to an idle promise to visit) he cautioned me to be sure to use the word “trousers” when referring to the outer garment on my legs. “Pants” he told me, were underwear. This has nothing much to do with your post, but there it is.

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