Imaginary Sandwich. Cold Light Blurb.


In  break from my ranting about cash, here are a few things to look at while I’m busy Checking The Proofs.

Me, Clare Dudman and Nicholas Royle at our Rainy City stories event chatting away about place and wilderness and reviewed for the Manchester Literature Festival Blog by Words & Fixtures Clare. I love the picture she’s chosen for it. Our Nick is offering me an imaginary sandwich and you can’t see my face. Hooray!

Second, my lovely publisher Sceptre (if you’re reading this, I am not blogging but Checking The Proofs I SWEAR DOWN I am I am I am) have put up the Official Blurb on their site and published a short blog post by me about what made me want to write a strange novel about television, flashers and Preston on their blog. Read it. 

3 responses to “Imaginary Sandwich. Cold Light Blurb.”

  1. Clare Dudman says:

    Yeah, and I look like I’ve just taken a mouthful of said sandwich and trying to work out how I can get rid of it without anyone noticing. Nice to meet you, Jenn!

  2. Sian says:

    Well done on the blurb and the blog post – sounds really good! x

  3. @sian Thank you! I’m very excited about it!

    @Clare nice to meet you too!

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