Plug + Bug(ger) + Remorse

First, an interview I did with Nik Perring about his new collection of flash Not So Perfect is up at the Lancashire Writing Hub. Nik talks sagely about all kinds of things, and there’s a chance to win a signed copy of Not So Perfect. So off you go.

I quite like doing interviews. I plan to do more. Watch this space, etc.

Next, I’m on a panel event for the Manchester Literature Festival this weekend. Me and Nicholas Royle, author, brains behind the Nightjar Press and general Good Guy will be talking Writing and Place at the Cornerhouse with Clare Dudman during the Rainy City Stories event.

And last weekend I was helping to launch both the Manchester Literature Festival generally and the Bugged anthology in particular with Jo Bell and a host of other poets, storyists and flashers (?) Here on Magma, Jo Bell writes about the thinking behind the project – if you know me, you’ll see immediately why (apart from the eavesdropping angle, of course) I was so keen to get involved – no evaluation forms? No funding hoops to slither, dog-like, through? Sign me up!

You can click here and read a description of the project and book launch at the official MLF blog. For free and as a bonus, you can also see a picture of me and the McTiny reading together. It was his first literary event. He was fairly well behaved until Ian from the BBC tried to interview us. I don’t think he liked that much. Sorry Ian.

My story is about midwives and shoes. If you’d like to read it, you can order the book from Completely Novel by clicking here.

I am also suffering from haircut remorse. If you see me out and about any time soon, I’d much rather you compliment me on my (too short) hair than my writing or ability to breed high quality man-children.

Because that’s how shallow I really am. 

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