Work is important. The quiet, painstaking pointlessness of putting words in rows and hearing the printer make its back and forth noise.

Work is writing the second chapter, researching the words for the parts of dogs (withers!) scrutinising copy-edits, putting receipts in order, feeding, winding, scrubbing white baby-vomit off the arm of the couch, planning workshops, ordering books, reading books, sharpening pencils, finding out about laptop warranty, the school run, loading and unloading and loading and unloading the washing machine, wiping spatters of grease from the tiles behind the cooker, sweeping up cat-fluff from the midnight fights, buying mushrooms, putting diesel in the car, reading about Salt Lake City, re-reading Moby Dick, preparing a work outline for a new mentee, staring at the muck the rain leaves on the windows and waiting. 

2 responses to “Work”

  1. louise says:

    Their are different types of work some gives very little satisfaction but although not been writing as much as what i would like to normally once i have settled down and the words start dripping ,maybe not flowing an dyou finish the piece the satisfaction is overwheming doing the dishes clearing up somehow doing the hoovering washing etc does not really give the same satisfaction.!

  2. Jenn says:

    Sometimes I get more satisfaction over the domestic work than I do over the writing work. I like tasks that are methodical and you know when they are finished. I like washing up because when it is done, it is done. I never feel like my stories are done. I’m still looking forward to that big surge of overwhelming satisfaction!!

    I’m glad you’re still blogging! x x

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