Less Things

No Ikea last night, but a back-yard full of sea-gulls. The kind with the red tip to their beak. We’ve only a little back yard and in my dream it was so crowded with the white birds that you couldn’t see through them to the flags – it reminded me, either during the dream or afterwards, of pictures of ‘barn’ hens – where the barn is so thick with feathered bodies you can’t see the floor. And they were all facing the same way, heads and beaks pointed in the same direction.

I haven’t been thinking about birds. Have been sleeping with head-phones on. I can’t have silence to sleep and can’t have music. The world service used to do it, but news about oil slicks and wars was making me worse. So a BBC adaptation of Lord of the Rings to listen to during and in-between wakings up. There are no seagulls in that, are there?

A growing fear of sea-gulls, although generally I think birds are fairly scary, and then two trips to the charity shop today.

General worries and fears include: the recycling, cat hair balls under the kitchen table, friends moving away, too many words, too few words, throwing things out, keeping them, sleeping, not sleeping, relative sizes of jeans in different shops, identity theft, ebay, the prospect of buying shoes to go with a new dress that hasn’t arrived yet, not being able to drive, roundabouts, corkscrews, wine.  

3 responses to “Less Things”

  1. Tom Fletcher says:

    In The Lord of The Rings, the birds (some of them) are spies.

  2. That’ll be it then.

    I need something non anxiety making to fall asleep to. Word Service and Tolkien are clearly out. Any suggestions?

  3. sarah says:

    You might not want to hear about how I was scarily divebombed on holiday by those exact gulls you mention. On an otherwise beautiful stretch of deserted beach. I don’t know quite what I was doing to piss them off – just minding my own business, not a chip wrapper in sight, walking in frighteningly overexposed shorts and tee shirt, before breaking into a fast trot, with a stone in my hand thinking they don’t know just how crap a shot I am, I’ll look fierce but not too fierce in case they take offence to that as well. Those little red dots on the beaks made them seem very long, very pointy, very very penetratable …
    oh sorry too late, I’ve told you now
    It wasn’t in Preston, though. You should be safe

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