Good Things

we did it!

Had a little bit of time out from the relentless editing (actually, I do about three hours a day, usually in the mornings and then have the rest of my time free so nothing to moan about) to travel to and attend a lovely family wedding, watch Small Fry do her duty as a flower girl, have a birthday and assist in the making of a birthday cake.

I forget to turn my face away from my computer sometimes: people can be kind of nice too. We are fairly anti social, keep ourselves-to-ourselves guys in this house but the last two months have seen a steady stream of supporting, helping, celebrating visitors and my misanthropy is gradually wearing down. It is sort of nice to be in a family.

In writing related but not actually writing news, I had a tricky and troublesome chapter of Cold Light given the five star reading treatment from my fiction group, who helped me see what I needed to do to fix it (tweaks rather than rewrites, which at this stage, is reassuring) and it was brilliant to have the kind of, ‘I wonder what happens next, I want to read the next bit’ response that I’m after from my talented crack-team of beta readers. I want to write suspenseful, gripping fiction. They claimed to be gripped, so I am happy.

A Kind of Intimacy has now been published in Italy – and the parcel of Italian copies arrived on my birthday. I can now say ‘that bloody sofa!’ in Italian. As well as that, news arrived that the Italian Vanity Fair has done an in-depth feature on the novel this month, and that the German rights for Cold Light have sold, and last but not least, due to my near constant feeding of him, the McTiny has put on a stupendous amount of weight.

Now allow me to digress onto Quotes From A Health Visitor –  a newly regular feature of my ranting on this blog. Took the McTiny to get weighed and measured and generally poked. The government likes to check these things now and again. We go into the waiting room, introduce ourselves but the two HVs, both older than my own mother, insist on calling us mummy and daddy, which in our sleep deprived state is nothing short of surreal. He’s bigger than he was last time. This works in our favour. So does the fact that we managed to put clothes on him – we were lavishly praised for this: oooh  – you’ve got his trousers on him! Well done! all said in a pitch only slightly lower than a dog whistle.

Do I really, really look like the sort of person who is not capable of putting trousers on a baby? Is anyone not capable of putting trousers on a baby? Who are these people? Next appointment – two weeks. I will have finished my edits on Cold Light by then and will, hopefully, be in a sweeter mood. 

3 responses to “Good Things”

  1. Lola says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve just read your interview (Vanity Fair, Italy). Your book seems very interesting and I’m looking forward to read it. However I still don’t know if I’m going to read it in English or in Italian. I prefer reading in the original language but I get lazy from time to time and tend to buy translations. Hopefully Un certo tipo di intimità is a good translation?

  2. Jenn says:

    Hi Lola

    I don’t read Italian so I can’t judge the translation for myself, but I’ve been told it is very good.

    I’m glad you caught the vanity fair interview – I’ve seen a pdf of the magazine but I’ve no idea what it says, obviously!


  3. Asenovgrad says:

    Reading this I thought it was pretty enlightening. I appreciate you bothering and energy to put this short article along. Again I find myself shelling out way too enough time both studying and also placing comments. But so what, it had been still worth it!

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