Wirral Stories

a map plotting the 'routes' described in our overlapping stories

During the Spring and right up until the last week of this month, I’ve been working on a project with Elaine Speight and the Liverpool Biennial (for more about work, click here)

You can read my own account of writing a story for the project at my other blog Through the Tunnel. Linked from there are the blogs, story drafts, photographs and research from the other workshop participants – many of them totally new to blogging and starting from scratch for this project. I think they’d like it if you read their draft stories and commented on their process.

The outcome of this project – a website that displays all the stories, plus one from me that acts as a kind of chorus and links everyone else’s narratives together – plus a map with photographs, sound, and lots of links back to the original blogs so readers can look at the ‘behind the scenes’ work of both running the project and writing the stories, will be up at the end of July. I’m less involved in the design and delivery of this bit of the project than I was with the workshop-blogging-story-writing side, so its going to be a pleasant surprise for me to see it all come together.

And for writers inside and outside The Wirral, there’s a chance to get involved. If you have a poem, flash fiction, short story, film or photograph that takes place somewhere in Rock Ferry, Seacombe, Tranmere or Birkenhead, past present or future, autobiographical or completely made-up, then get in touch. You can contact me and I’ll respond as soon as I’m able to. 

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