listen out today and get your writing in by the 15th Aug.

Today I am terribly busy but because I’m a born planner and can schedule these things in advance, I’m able to remind you that the 1st July is eavesdropping day – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing (and if I can do it, you can…) open your ears to the conversations going on around you and be inspired.

Poets, script, story and flash fiction writers can then construct tales from the fruits of their listenings and send them straight to Jo and David at Bugged – wh0’ll be publishing some of them on the Bugged website and editing the best into a print anthology to be launched this October at the Manchester Literature Festival.

Jo and David have been promoting their hearts out so I know the stories will be flooding in – although you do have until the 15th August to fine-tune your stanzas / stories and email them so don’t worry if, like me, you’re not going to get chance to visit your keyboard for a few days.

I’ve noticed on facebook, twitter and blogs that a few people are concerned about the ethical implications of listening to private conversations and writing about them. I suppose I haven’t got an ethical bone in my body (there’s no suppose about it – I’ve a heart of ice and the story always comes first) but if you can hear the conversation without picking a lock or breaking a window then it isn’t private, you can (should) change names and other details if you’re sqeamish, and isn’t looking, noticing, listening and then creating something that you’re already doing anyway?

Perhaps I’m simple, but I just don’t get it. What do you think? 

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