Editing + Sound Track

Hard at work for a little while at least, and working through my edits to Cold Light straight onto the manuscript with a new nice pencil which I get to stop and sharpen now and again. Desk cluttered with coffee mugs (I’m a tea-drinker, but I was also up five times last night) and two kinds of pencil sharpeners, post-it notes, a pile of books that I planned to while away my maternity leave reading (pfft!) and a bowl full of paper-clips that I made myself. The bowl, not the paper-clips. I think I’d like to go back to my pottery class this autumn.

Pencils are almost as good as fountain pens and bottles of ink for mid-sentence procrastination. Examining the lead, sharpening, rubbing things out and putting them back in again. Slowly, one line at a time. But not as good as deciding you need to listen to some of the songs mentioned in the book in order to make sure you’re ‘conveying atmosphere’ exactly right.

Readers, for your listening and viewing pleasure:


5 responses to “Editing + Sound Track”

  1. Europe. Oh, Europe. I am right back there at the Videotech nightclub in Huddersfield, pretending to be 18.

  2. Jessica says:

    my boyfriend got me into Europe – he desperately wants to see them at sonisphere this month.

    congrats on McTiny and Book news too!


  3. Kerryswindow says:

    I sing final count down to my colleagues when they leave…they leave with alarming regularity. No idea why.

  4. Thank you Jessica! It’s been an exciting few weeks here at Ashworth Towers.

    I LOVE this song. My Small Fry has also learned to like it after I made her watch it on my phone during a fairly boring car journey. I can see this incident turning up in his memoirs / future therapy sessions.

  5. Tom Fletcher says:

    If people ask me what my favourite song is, ‘The Final Countdown’ tends to be my answer. (I don’t think it is really my favourite song, but it is the most constant of my favourite songs, I think).

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