Second Thoughts

Maybe I shouldn’t be taking pictures every day. Maybe I should be practising my writing instead. I need to get better than I am for me to be happy with my work, and sitting reading and doing other kinds of work might not be as good a way to get better at writing as writing would be.

Oh, but I do need a rest. I know what I want to write for the next one, but I don’t want to be sitting on my own and typing all the time just now.

I think I’m feeling a little worried because my friends are being very prolific all of a sudden. I’ve got word-count envy. Here’s a new magazine called Other by the novelist and blogger Socrates Adams. I think it’s going to be good. Bookmark it now.

Here’s an interview my friend Kim did with my other friend Tom about his new novel, The Leaping. It’s good too.

I’ve also been sorting through old interviews, short stories published on-line, guest blogs etc and deciding what I’m going to feature on my new website and what I’m going to let disappear. Reading through some of the stories linked to in the side-bar I am not so happy. I could do better now. I think I could have done better then if I’d have rested more and not been in such a rush to be a real writer.

The new website is going to be good. I’ve seen some ‘mock-ups’ so far and it looks very exciting. I will be blogging at the new website too, so soon people who read this blog will have to change their bookmarks or point their feed-readers somewhere else. Don’t worry. I will give ample and frequent warning.

I should be doing some magazines or new stories or the first draft of book three. I should be typing furiously. I feel racked with guilt. 

7 responses to “Second Thoughts”

  1. belljarblog says:

    Guilt is a big part of being a writer and so is envy – there is always someone doing better than you. But then, YOU are doing better than you did a year ago, which is why you feel dissatisfied with earlier work. This is how we know we're making progress!

  2. melanie says:

    Drink tea with me instead xxx

  3. Nik Perring says:

    You need to breathe in before you can breathe out, Jenn…

  4. Sarah Hymas says:

    Is there anyone else out there who thinks Tom F looks a little like Salvador Dali in that pic with the interview with him and Kim?

    And to another Spanish great — Picasso reckoned we achieved more by expending only 80% of our energy. Forgive me for repeating myself if I am. It's one of my favourites that 🙂

  5. kim mcgowan says:

    It's the first time I'm heard it, Sarah, but it's splendid – a very forager/hunter approach to life, and that is what we're designed to be isn't it?

    Jenn. You've written two stupendous novels, umpteen short stories, you teach, review and provide bespoke and constructive feedback, you earn your living by writing, you are an inspiration to your (expanding) family, you've given umpteen would-be writers the skills and confidence to continue, you're kind to animals and you scrub-up quite presentably. If a Martian whisked you away in a flying saucer today you would leave the world a better place than it was when you joined it. AND you are still only twelve years old…
    Now, listen to Sarah!
    ps I’m sure I’ve missed stuff from the list but I wrote it in a flurry.

  6. Imola says:

    Well, what can I say? This blog I am spreading the news about! Congrats!

  7. Christine Coleman says:

    Jen, I can identify with your angst – I've been spending all my writing time on trying to promote my latest novel – I haven't written a poem for over a year and my next novel is still buried a few hundred feet deep in an neglected writing mine.
    Being a publisher on top of being a writer, AND having a money-earning day-job involves far too many bitty tasks, none of which I'm doing well enough.
    Still, mustn't moan – I had a fabulous launch a couple of weeks ago at the Ikon Gallery, supported by the Birmingham Book Festival, and I'm still in love with the physical book and its beautiful cover.

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