Writing Tips #8

This isn’t mine, but one stolen from Nik Perring’s blog interview with Andy Devine.

The rest of the tips are worth reading too (although I take issue with #2 – which isn’t, can’t be and shouldn’t be true for every single writer in the world) but the one I quote from below is my favourite, has made me feel better today and made me wonder about ways I can find to ‘manage my incompetence’*

Every work of fiction can be improved. The fiction writer must find a way to manage their incompetence if they are to continue writing fiction. The conception of the fiction is always greater than the execution of the fiction.

 *not now though. I’m still resting. 

2 responses to “Writing Tips #8”

  1. Martin says:

    Someone in the Edge Hill seminar-room described her process of writing as having an OCD; she became driven entirely by believing she wouldn't get the 40% needed to pass her work.
    Pobody's nerfect!

  2. Andrew Blackman says:

    I love that quote! It is so much easier to write in the head than on paper. In my head I'm a Booker Prize winner; on paper I still have a lot to learn. Execution can be tough! Funny how a quote about incompetence can be encouraging, but it is.

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