Completely Novel Blog Awards

Well well well.

According to The Bookseller today and of course, the Completely Novel website, Every Day I Lie A Little (what you are currently reading) made the short-list of author blogs. There are some really great blogs and twitter streams in the short list of 28, including Neil Gaiman, Fiona Robyn and Caroline Smailes. I’ll be using the short and long-lists to discover new blogs to read.

As Caroline says, it’s a popularity contest (just like the rest of life – although confusingly the T and Cs say the winner will be picked at random, so maybe you should vote at random too?) but all in a good cause, and there are even nice prizes for people who vote.

Thank you for voting. It is very flattering. The point of the awards is to:

recognise the writers who use their blogs to connect with readers in the most imaginative, engaging and inspiring ways.

The very idea of my surly, badly punctuated, misanthropic ramblings acting as inspiration to anyone makes me smile, and that is in the middle of one of those weeks where it’s been really hard to be happy about things. It’s nice to know that some of you who read this blog do not think the writing is complete and utter toss because I do sometimes. 

3 responses to “Completely Novel Blog Awards”

  1. Sophie Playle says:

    Yay! Congrats!

  2. Talli Roland says:

    That's amazing. Congrats!

  3. Jessica Maybury says:

    congratulations 🙂 it's not a toss! it's the best thing ever!

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