I’d like the next thing I write to have the word ‘dint’ in it. It’s a word that isn’t used often enough. 

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  1. Teresa Stenson says:

    It's how we say "didn't" in Doncaster.

    "No I dint!"
    "Yeah ya did!"
    "NO I DINT"


  2. Martin says:

    I dint realise that 'dint' has a couple of meanings, aside from the colloquial…

  3. Hodmandod says:

    I too like the word 'dint'.
    The tin cup was empty. They were miles from the oasis. It had a dint in it where she bashed it against a rock in an agony of frustrated thirst.

  4. Bridget Whelan says:

    Dint and dent are the same apparently…I just looked it up (on an internet dictionary so that must be right). I think we should have more stories that feature galoshes

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