#3 / 100

Amy at the Kendal Brewery Arts Centre, who joined in with the ‘audience participation’ bit of mine and Jo Bell’s first Too Much Information show last night and made a perfect hand-decorated origami heart bookmark. 

This picture also represents some other things that made me happy that I didn’t take pictures of:

driving there and back without incident
excellent pizza and company before hand with Jo
none of the scary things happening during my performance that I feared would happen
(I did not die)
remembering to breathe in the right places in my stories
people laughing and clapping nicely. 

3 responses to “#3 / 100”

  1. Nik Perring says:

    Thrilled it went well and that you didn't die – all good things!

  2. Megan says:

    agreed – especially pleased you didn't die

  3. Jenn Ashworth says:

    thank you. I'm always convinced I'm going to die when I get in my car, or get on stage. It hasn't happened yet, obviously, but the feeling is hard to shake.

    I was a babbling lunatic afterwards, and couldn't sleep all night. Couldn't possibly be a proper performer, I don't have the constitution.

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