#18 / 100

Alison Moore’s story chapbook, when the door closed, it was dark published by Nightjar Press.

I bought this, along with the rest of the Nightjar titles when Nicholas Royle came to Preston to read at the last Word Soup – all the titles had been recommended to me by Sarah Hymas, who knows the sort of thing I like.

This story was word-perfect, creepily heavy, not a word extra and had an atmosphere that started making me feel sick from the first page. It’s a story that needs rereading, which I did, the second I finished it the first time, and again today. I have the rest of the titles from Nightjar, and I’ll be taking my time over them. Need to space them out, as I’ve been seething with jealousy over the way Alison Moore puts her words together all day. I like feeling like that too. I’ve had a blue week and this dark, nasty story has jolted me out of it.

I don’t know why uneasy, elliptical stories like this make me happy, but they do.

This one did.

This isn’t a review, but a recommendation. Still, you should know that I don’t know Alison, and I did not get this book for free either. Does that make my opinion count more? I have no idea.  

2 responses to “#18 / 100”

  1. Megan says:

    I very recently read this and loved it too. It's utterly stunning. I'm still haunted.

  2. Sarah Hymas says:

    Oh yeah! it's a cracker, isn't it? I love how we don't know exactly the location of the story, and because of this and the passport business and other things I won't mention here, it sooooooo claustrophobic.
    I found a councellor and another Alison Moore on web but don't know what else she's written

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