#1 / 100

cherry blossom, railings, wheely bins outside my house.

I followed the project Emma did for 100 days to make me a better person and decided I wanted to do one too. I didn’t want it to be to do with writing. I thought it would be a good idea to have a break from writing for a while. I wanted it to be to do with noticing things, and trying to retrain my brain to be more positive than it is. I don’t know if it will work. I also wanted to try and get better at taking pictures. I’m not good at it at all, although I wish I was.

For 100 days I will take a picture of something that I see that makes me happy and put it on this blog. It might be that I do ordinary writing blogs too, or I might just leave it at the pictures for the time being. See how I feel. I don’t know if this will make me a better person or not. I doubt it. I might be a better noticer or a better photographer at the end and that would be most pleasing.

If you want to join in and post your own pictures, let me know and I will link to you. 

4 responses to “#1 / 100”

  1. Nik Perring says:

    What a tippety-top idea!

  2. Talli Roland says:

    That's great, Jenn – love it! Ah, cherry blossoms. I can't wait for summer!

  3. emma says:

    Yay! Good project. There's talk on the hundred days site about an unofficial one starting on May 1st, too. I found the company was nice. Remember to use the #100days hashtag so they can follow you. And bon voyage! xx

  4. Sarah Hymas says:

    I've just bought 'How to be an explorer of the world' by Keri Smith – cutsy encourager of just such a project.
    Might be useful on those drier days. Will bring tonight if you're a fit state …

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