Writing Tips #7

Here’s a post about one writer’s drafting-method from Debi Alper’s blog. Debbie’s responding to a post about editing and what exactly we mean by it over at Emma Darwin’s Itch of Writing blog. I think reading about other writers’ experience and methods is possibly more useful than getting a list of rules (see some of my earlier Writing Tips posts) as it’s easier to disagree and easier to see how subjective, personal and trial and error the whole idea of finding a method is.

So Debbie writes about her three drafts. Three! That would be nice. For me, it’s been around five to seven drafts each time, rewriting half the material from scratch for each go. I try to plan better and avoid this, but I think the rewriting and the repetition is just my process and I need to accept it.

I can empathise with Debbie about the mood-swings though. I’d add one bit of extra advice to her excellent list, which is to shut up while you’re having the mood swings, because blogging or talking about them too much, especially when your mind is so un-made-up, is bound to make you look like a tit.

Now, I’m off to take my own advice. 

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