Too Much Information

As well as doing more reading than I wanted to about gas and water cooled power stations (don’t ask) I also spent another day this week working with Jo Bell on our live lit show… which now has a name. Too Much Information – from the inflatable lounge (again, don’t ask) And three confirmed dates – with more in the pipeline.


We spent the day sitting in my front room, drinking tea, eating left over choccies from Christmas and deciding on the running order. I didn’t realise when we first started working together, but Jo lived in Preston for a while and didn’t like it very much. A trip along the river, as much rice-pudding as a lady could want and the sunniest day we’ve had in four months might have helped her make friends with Preston a little bit…

We’re trying to keep the show pacy and structure the order of our pieces so they work as replies to each other. One of my pieces is a three parter so that gave us the beginning, middle and end for the show – with the tone of it moving from creepy and sinister through heart-warming to… well, filthy. You know us. We finish with a money-shot and this show is probably not mumsafe.

As well as doing running order, working on funding proposals and contacting venues (if you look on Jo’s blog, you can see a picture of me typing so fast my hands are all blurry – which just proves that while I may lie about in my pyjamas eating oranges a lot, I still do stir myself to work now and again) we got slightly diverted by trying to find a catering-sized amount of mucky love hearts (you can get ones that say ‘fancy a blow job?’ which is a little more direct than we were after, but it is 2010 and watch the hits to this post roll in now…) They’re more expensive than the ordinary kind, which led us (me, I’ll take the blame for this one) doing a variety of searches for alternative saucy edible treats including ‘raunchy rice paper’. This is work, I promise you.

We’re also in the midst of contacting venues we like the look of, working with a friend to design a poster, and doing a bit of editing. I’ll be reading some work that I wrote a while ago, as well as some new pieces written especially for the show. The more I hear Jo read her poems, the more I want to chop and change bits of my ‘fascinators’ (hmm. I might be going off that, actually.)

Here’s a sneak preview – an extract from a really short piece called Flour:

When I finished my final exam at uni I got very drunk again and went out to eat with my friends. One of them told me about a job he had in the summer. He had been digging graves. He spoke about family graves and plot width and overcrowding and seepage. He asked us to beat it. I hadn’t thought of the boy with the braces for a long time, but I remembered him then and I stole his story and told my friend about the flour.

We want a couple more dates in the North West. If you fancy booking us, check out the details at our blogpage and contact us. Ace!

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