Little Plugs

Layla, who won a free copy of A Kind of Intimacy in the great big blog give-away extravaganza to celebrate the launch of the new little version C-format paperback (phew) has posted a very kind review here….

I’m always especially interested in people’s reactions to my writing, but in particular to Annie’s character. I think I like her and feel sorry for her and want her to do well much more than anyone else does. Chris, who read a very very early scene from this novel (the house-warming party, for those of you who’ve had the cringing pleasure…) said that Annie was as gentle as a lamb. And yes, despite all the things she does, I think she is. But I think I’m possibly over-protective, and very biased.

Second plug: Tania Hershman, author of the Orange-Prize commended The White Road and Other Stories – as well as a blogger, and editor of the very good Short Review invited me over to her place to do a guest blog / interview for her Writing and Place series – a regular feature on her blog that lets different writers examine what place, home and location mean to them personally and how it affects their writing.

Without planning it, or realising it was going to become important to me until it did, I’ve written two novels set in Lancashire and soon I’ll be setting out on another. And there’s not a flat-cap, set of clogs or whippet in sight.

To find out why I think bread-bins drive a person to murder and how, exactly, Preston is like trousers, go here.

NB: Do NOT ask me how Cold Light is going. Who decides to get sick during half term? Who does that? Harumph.  

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