And The Winners Are…

Sorry for the delay in posting this… things have been bedlam over here in Preston.

The lucky winners of the Blog Giveaway are…

Elizabeth Wilkinson from Ormskirk Writing and Literature Society
Toni (no details for you Toni…)
Sj (no details for you yet either)
Martine Ellison-Smith
Tyler Massey @tylermassey and Tyler
Annie Clarkson at Forgetting the Time
Layla Vandenbergh @LalaL0 and The Intercontinental Music Lab
Marjorie Taylor (no details here yet)
Jacqueline Christodoulou at Dirty Sparkle
James Wall
Carolyn (no details here either)

For those of you who commented on the original blog post and do not have profiles that lead back to blogs and email addresses, you need to contact me with your postal address and details of your blog or where you plan to put the review.

These are the first ten. And because Daniela at Arcadia is so generous, she’s promised me a couple of extra copies that will be winging their way to Tom and Holly.

If the people who I don’t have details for, but who made the top ten, don’t get back to me by wednesday with their details, I will move down the list and offer the book to someone else. So if you didn’t get in on time, don’t despair yet… 🙂 

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