The Great Blog Giveaway

Hello Readers.

You may not know this, but the C-format paperback (the little, less expensive one) version of A Kind of Intimacy is out soon, published by Arcadia on the 25th February – although the beady eyed among you might already have seen it in bookshops here and there earlier in the month.

I’ve got ten copies that my publisher are keeping safe, ready for me to give away. It’s not a competition – the first ten people to email me or comment on this post (I’m jenn dot ashworth at gmail dot com) will be getting a book.

To tempt you, you can read a tiny extract of the book here.

There’s only one catch. In return for a FREE book, I’d like you to promise to review it somewhere on-line. This could be your own blog, a guest post on someone else’s blog, a reader-review on Amazon or even a video on You-tube. So long as it’s public and can be linked to, we’re on.

And by ‘review’, I’m fairly flexible too. If you want to interview me, we can do that instead. If you want to take some pictures of you reading the book in amusing places, that will do. If you want to live-tweet your thoughts at the end of each chapter, okie dokie by me. Write an alternative ending or invent some deleted scenes? That works for me (in fact, I’d LOVE it). Dress up as Annie and invite yourself round to your next door neighbour’s house? Be my guest.

If you didn’t like the book, that’s okay too, just remember, once I’ve posted it, I know where you live.

I know many readers of this blog (all seven of you) have already read and invested in the big version of the book. That’s all right. You can help out too. Feel free to re-post this give-away on your own blog, on facebook, twitter and where-ever else you hang out. I’m not picky.

Thank you. 

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