Places to Go

A friend of a friend told me about Judith’s Room, one of those Ning communities set up especially for women writers.

And I have been meaning to tell you about this, which is an on-line digital performance archive I’ve been working on as part of my job doing the Lancashire Writing Hub. Norman Hadley is responsible for taking and uploading much of the film. This project started small as a record of Word Soup, but other people are joining in and uploading clips of their live lit nights too. One of my favourites is Thomas Fletcher’s performance at Word Soup 7.

Budding performers can use the channel to see what works (and what doesn’t) when reading poetry and prose to an audience. Promoters can use this as an on-line library of North West performers – and the rest of us can sit back with a cup of tea and be entertained. If you do reading, writing or performing in the North West and you want to join in, you can contact me and we will hook you up. Top Banana! 

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