I have been trying to remember the kinds of things that I did in 1998. I am interested in what fourteen year olds spent their time doing in 1998. It’s too cold to go outside much. 1998 was the year I left school.

I remember watching Blockbusters and Countdown a lot (this might have been earlier), and hanging out in parks. I remember there was a Yellow Pages advert that had the Kinks song ‘Days’ on it, and then later, shopping in TJ Hughes with my mum, I saw a tape of the Kinks greatest hits for £2.99 which I bought. It had a red cover, which I lost. I remember having a few hamsters. There was Dawson’s Creek, I think – although that might have been the year later.

Someone in our house really liked the Spice Girls, although I don’t think it was me. I remember reading (and going mad over) a set of books called The Fabled Lands which were the best kind of adventure game book ever. I was friends with a man who was writing a role-playing game set in Ancient Rome and his partner taught me how to make beaded bracelets on a loom with a curved needle. I remember trying smoking, and hiding the fags in a little wooden box at the back of my wardrobe. I think I was temporarily into Marilyn Manson – certainly when I was asked what ‘treat’ I’d like for passing my GCSE’s, I asked for (and got) Mechanical Animals. There was some sort of white chocolate spread that I ate a lot. I didn’t like Buffy The Vampire Slayer but I liked Third Rock from the Sun.

One more thing to do in September is read a full year’s worth of diary entries from 1998. I’ve got the box down from our upstairs cupboard. It’s going to be horrific. 

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