Word Soup #3

I’m away in Norwich now*, but thanks to the miracles of blog scheduling I am speaking to you from beyond time. If things go badly wrong with the trains, I could even be speaking to you from beyond the grave.

Treasure it.

If you’re not in Norwich tonight like I am, but in Preston – or within a stone’s throw of it, then go to the usual place (New Conti) at the usual time for an evening of fun and frolics.

I’m not hosting it this time – Ann The Poet of Kendal Brewery fame is taking the reins for an evening of performance poetry, music and open mike.

More here.

*Don’t think this means you can come to my house, touch my special bookcase, sit in my brown chair and burgle my precious items. There’s a man with a stick waiting for you. Oh yes, I know all about burglars. 

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