I saw a mole on the way through the car park outside the prison yesterday. It was scuttling through the long grass. Ash coloured suedey coat and big digger hands the colour of horse-noses/mouse feet.

I’ve never seen a mole before.

When I came out of the prison in the afternoon and walked past the same bit of grass, I saw it again, on its back. I touched it and it was stiff.

Now I’d like to find out everything I can about moles.

Normal “high-quality” blog posts to resume soon. 

8 responses to “Mole”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Holey Moley. budubadouchedub
    rub a dub
    clean mole

    i feel violated… almost molested

    and on the third day, god created moles and spam hats… i love the third day 🙂


    mehehehehehe funny little mole face mole mole MOLE

    ok, no need to shout


  2. Anonymous says:

    Mole in a hole
    with a pole-
    dancing bunny

    Vole with a soul
    do moles like honey?


    You cannae see far
    with a mole, AYEE.
    Neeps, tatties,
    haggis, mole pie


    Boobabadoowab mmmmm

    Should definitely squeeze a mole in there


    Molecule. Moles are cool.
    Molecule. Bowties are cool.


    Do moles have back legs?
    Do moles have tails?
    Do moles lay eggs?
    Do moles eat eggs?

    Space mole space mole
    why the sad face mole?
    In space
    no one can hear a mole face

    I scream
    you scream
    do moles like ice-cream?

    Sweets for my sweets
    Sugar for my mole


    It's a manifestation of society's need for freedom in a restrictive world.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with you people? You really have too much time on your hands..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Moleskin, moles can't grin
    Ever seen a mole swim?
    I have
    It was lovely

    Lovely Mole

    No pain, no gain
    Everybody loves a mole game

    Whac-a-mole, smack a mole
    Never try and pat a mole
    Moles are dangerous
    They have teeth, you know
    And claws

    Cheesy mole, wheezy mole
    We are the cheeky moles

    Black mole, white mole
    Any mole's the right mole

    Whizz-pop, fizz-pop
    Listening to mole rock
    A Hard Day's Mole
    Mole in the Wind
    Always Some Mole There to Remind Me
    Yeah, you got soul mole

    Shotgun. Holey Moley
    Holy Mole
    Moles are lovely, moles are great
    Mole is best in a good mole steak

    Mole pie? Pie in the sky
    Moles can't fly
    Yeah, why is that?

  5. Mole Poets says:

    We do have too much time on our hands. The sands of time trickle through our massive mole hands.


    I think, therefore I mole.
    Mole in one.

    How Jamaica mole, man?

    Last of the mole-hicans
    Lives in my garden.
    Boggle my garden, mole.


    Mole with a mole
    Has twice as much soul

    Ride the mole train

    dobadeebopbop ummmmm abapneebaaaaa


    Kilomole, milomole
    Avagadro's constant mole


    Mole is a state of mind

    Will you take the red mole or the blue mole?
    Doesn't matter.
    You can't see, mole.


    Rumple-mole, rumble-mole,
    Rumple-mole skin,
    Is it really worth it
    If there's not a mole in?
    It's really very simple
    It's a matter of fact, -acular, mole-acular

    Whack-a-mole, Smack a mole,
    You missed out guacaMOLE
    That's how it's done


  6. Anonymous says:

    In the hole, a mole
    mole is cold
    mole is old
    where are the moles gone?

  7. Phil McConnon says:

    You may notice moles displaying brazenly mischievous habits when out driving.
    From the kerbside they deftly swing by your vehicle by hopping up on the passing car slipstreams.In the corner of your eye he/she flashes by performing gymastic moves in a pert manner whilst gurning up at you,eyes tight shut.
    I simply motor on,desperately willing them to disappear,as a rule.

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