Freckleton Frolicks

Here’s a rare thing on this blog – a picture of me doing my thing, ‘my thing’ in this case, being a reading and Q and A at Freckleton Library.

I decided to sit on the table instead of on the chair because there were lots of people and I wanted to be able to make sure the people at the back weren’t snoring and talking amongst themselves. There were also two children in the group, which meant as I read I needed to do a bit of hasty editing to get rid of some of the rude words… (I have no problem with my small fry hearing colourful language, but you never can be too careful).

Highlights of the events were the chocolate eclairs and chats about writing afterwards, the interesting questions, signing books on the roof of my car (I tried to sneak away early because I had an attack of shyness) and the big nice bunch of flowers the Branch Manager gave me at the end.

One of the nicest, friendliest readings I’ve ever done. I like them much better when they turn into conversations, rather than me just standing opining into a microphone. Libraries rule. I’m on my way to another library tonight – Layton Library in Blackpool to join in with their readers’ Orange Prize Eve party, and do a little reading for them.

If you’re in the mood for looking at more pictures, here’s a few from the last Word Soup

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