Here’s an interview with me on the Scribbler Blog – I’m number 4 in a series of interviews that Dean has been doing with all 12 of the Waterstone’s New Voices lot, so if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, subscribing for the rest sounds like a plan.

Busy again – preparing workshops, funding applications and, best of all, a talk to give early next month at Newnham Women’s Art Soc. I don’t like clubs and societies, but this is the same society, the same venue, where Virginia Woolf gave a lecture that turned into A Room of One’s Own.

Plus I get to go and stay in my old college and read in a room I was only allowed in to clean when I was actually studying there. And that is the only tit-ish comment I will make, because I’m actually so excited I’ve been bulk buying dresses from ebay (Jane and Sally my beautiful and well dressed friends – please ensure I don’t shame myself) and rubbing my feet about under my desk whenever I think about it.

Next on the list of good news (I’m going to get out of the habit of moaning if I’m not careful) is a little letter I got at the weekend from CILIP, telling me that I’m now a real librarian. MCLIP. Chartered. Hooray! Apparently the doors of power will open and car insurance will be cheaper from now on. Non librarians, it is okay you have no idea what I am talking about. As you were.

Ace! Top Banana! Cocktail hour!

P.S If you’re from Preston or nearby and you’re reading this, you need to get yourself down to the New Continental for the first Preston Bloggers’ Meetup – organised by Ed Walker and yours truly. 

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