Things to do

Take a fair turn in doing the recycling
Stop washing the cat’s food bowl with the human cloth
Take cups downstairs, not leave them at top of stairs
Formulate a dusting policy and/or strategy
Change hoover filter
Do you have to wash the inside of the bin?
Hem work trousers with needle and thread, not sticky tape.

Take own carrier bags to supermarket
Iron the back as well as the front of work shirts
Don’t buy own-brand washing up liquid
Remember the playgroup forms
Where are the playgroup forms?
Find out about registering for online expenses claim.

Sweep out back yard
Stop banging on the party wall
Wash hair with two different kinds of shampoo
Find that cradle cap cream – the herbal expensive kind
Buy filing cabinet
Buy dynamo and do not use sarcastically
Inform A____ of change in bank details
Can I do telephone banking?
Make a list. 

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