From My Mouth to Your Ear

The thing I like best about writing is that magical kind of communication it gives you with a person who you’re probably never going to meet. Blogging too. I can talk to you without having to be in the same room as you. Probably suits us both. It is mundane and practical and it never, never fails to make me want to rub my feet about under my desk and clap my hands. I write something down, and if I do it right, there’s a picture in your head. Amazing. Telepathy. Communication. Intimacy of the purest, safest, most (un)reliable kind.

Imagine my delight when poring over the keywords my readers type into their search engines to find me. Second only to my name, is (sorry mum) Big Tit Fucking.

Nice to know you’re all hearing me loud and clear. Here’s a nice pair for ya. 

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