A List of Pleasing Things

1. Hello Hubmarine in Derby, where I gave a rather tired and half hearted reading from A Kind of Intimacy, and was shown how to do it properly by Lemm Sissay, who performed his poetry and within ten seconds of taking the mike had the whole audience captivated. I am a cynic, I don’t do crowds and joining in and frenzied clapping – but I did that night, and had a tear in my eye while I was doing it. Damn Poets.

2. Patterns and evenesses. For example, the publication date of the my first novel was the 26th March 2009. 13 years ago it was the 26th March 1996, the day I made the first entry in a journal I have been keeping more or less daily ever since. 26 is my age, which means 13 is 1/2 of my life.

I’ve been chanting these numbers around to myself for days. They make me happy.

I like the way my life can be cut into two parts – like an orange. The writing bit, and the not writing bit. And now we’ve passed the 1/2 way point which means the unwritten and less significant bit of my life is shrinking. When I grow up I won’t even remember it.

Last night I wrote for a long time in my journal about what I will be doing 13 years from now. It might be a lucky number. Imagining something might make it happen. It sort of worked with the book, because being a writer was one of the things I wrote on that first day in 1996. Also, it was snowing.

3. This very kind and generous review from Katherine over at Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

4. Selling my first set of foreign rights. Woop! Annie will be hitting Italy at some point in the near future. I wonder what the Italians will make of her? I wonder if I’ll get to go to Italy. I got a bit nervous and homesick going to Derby… 

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