Poor Little Blog

This thing has been neglected. Don’t worry. It is all fits and starts with me, as you long time readers will know. I will come back. My time and energy are elsewhere for now. Editing book 2, interviewing a series of writers for the PWN blog, tweeting, and generally drinking tea and eating oranges.

Here are some links:

Nik Perring, blogger, poet, writer, teacher and general Good Egg (also author of this) interviews me on his blog about Annie, fountain pens, running fast across a busy road, and the untidyness of my writing process.

Valerie O’Riordan, up and comming and soon to be moving up north writer (Ace!) and author of this does a little review of A Kind of Intimacy here. I especially like the part about her sitting hunched on her sofa saying, oh God, no, oh God to herself.

I’ve also been working with Chris Skoyles to update my website. We’ve done a page all about A Kind of Intimacy. There are some deleted scenes (no spoilers if you haven’t had the pleasure yet) and an interview with James Nunn, designer and Keeley Mullins, owner of the cracking set of legs who talk about the behind the scenes work of making the cover

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