Normal Service

Taking over the internet again with a little article on the Waterstone’s Website. This is also, I think, going to be in their print magazine next edition.

I’m going on holiday for a little bit. I am going to do Sod All.

I need a holiday, because when I get back there are going to be all kinds of really busy things happening.

Launch parties!! Hurrah!!
24th March: official Manchester Launch at No Point in Not Being Friends, The Trof.

NEW: 27th March, supporting David Ford with Sally Cook at St Philips, Salford.

28th March: unofficial Derby launch at Hello Hubmarine

4th April: unofficial Eccleston Library Launch (morning) and unofficial Chorley Library Launch (afternoon)

NEW: 5th April 1pm Preston Waterstone’s signing.

21st April: unofficial Preston Launch at Preston Writing

Network’s first live lit night: Word Soup (more about this later – it is going to be ACE)

All these pictures are the stuff of anxiety nightmares I have been having recently.

Don’t tell Jane, because she’ll have a fit, but I have got one nice dress and that is it. I will be repeating outfits.

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