Progress Report

The final editing of A Kind of Intimacy is nearly finished. I was fearing it, but it turned out to be only very small things – the odd word here and there. That means I can start work again on Cold Light – which, because it isn’t finished – needs a totally different kind of work. I am moving around scenes and chapters. That is leaving some parts looking a little threadbare. Scenes that I had previously only implied or imagined need to be written in. Now I’ve gone through my draft a few times I can focus on what I want to say a bit better. I’m loosing some parts, and emphasising others. It is changing.

There is going to be a little bit less squid than I thought, and a little bit more Gordon.

I’ve had courage to make these changes, partly because I’ve had conversations with my agent and a couple of friends. The best kind of conversations – where the other person doesn’t say anything, but just nods and lets you come to your own conclusions. And I’m not alone: one of the students on my creative writing course is also committing to restructure a novel that needed a little reshuffle to work in the way he wanted it to. That helps too.

The blog question for today is a plea for advice. On Friday morning I’m going to be interviewed live on the radio. I realise it is probably best not to swear, and it makes sense to chat a bit about my interesting book and my interesting job. But other than that, if anyone has any advice I want to hear it.

I’d like to avoid making a tit out of myself, if at all possible. 

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