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You can read a story of mine here.

Sally Cook provided excellent editorial suggestions. I don’t like to show my writing to people until it is completely finished, so it was unusual for me to email someone else and ask for a second opinion. While her comments significantly improved the piece, reading it again I am struck by little things that I wished I’d changed before submitting. Mainly the order of sentences, and paragraph breaks. But the feeling of it is okay, and I like the ending. So don’t let me put you off.

I’m going to be out tomorrow night at the launch of Chris Killen’s novel The Bird Room (available now buy buy one click etc) and reading a little bit from my own forthcoming book along with lots of other more interesting people.

I do a lot of readings, but I don’t think I’ve ever read from my novel before. I hope it works out okay. It is free to get in. I’ll be wearing red shoes (not pointy or arousing in any way), and possibly leg warmers (depending on the weather) if you want to come and say hello. 

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