In The Bin Day

Today is the day to chuck your Christmas tree away. Sling it in the bin. Throw it on a verge somewhere. Leave it to get bald in the ginnel. Carry it to the tip and lean it against the ‘garden waste’ skip. Heave it over the side of the bridge and drop it into the river.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with mine yet. It is still looking good and there are several uneaten chocolate decorations to get rid of so I will probably risk bad luck and leave it where it is.

What are you going to do with yours?

P.S Eager readers may have noticed the new Q and A format of this blog. I checked my stats the other week and realised I was getting many more hits than I thought. Loads more than the number of people I know. This Q and A is one way of me winkling you out of the background. I am curious. What are you going to do with your Christmas Tree? I need to know.

P.P.S I’ll be reading at an Open Mike night at the New Continental in Preston on the 15th Jan. Probably something a bit rude. It has the word ‘knob’ in it (not mumsafe). 

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