Hassleback + Novel

My agent got back to me with some feedback about Cold Light. He thinks the same way as I do about where it is now and where it needs to go next, which is a relief. I like getting a pat on the head and being sent back to the coal face for a few more months.

I’ve taken a little break from it for a while to do the final checking of the manuscript for A Kind of Intimacy (Out In 88 Days Buy Now while Stocks Last Available at all Good Bookshops) and I am amazed at how closely the book has been read by my editor. She has noticed little details about high heels, hem lines and birthdays. She’s tolerated my indiscriminate use of the comma with a graciousness that awes me.

Christmas involved successful experiments with the hassleback potato, inspired by Emma J. Lannie’s story.

I finished the Adorna/Desiderus blog project and am interviewed, along with Tolu, about the product and process here. If you’re interested in how we did it, what we thought we were playing at, or have some praise/abuse/tips to send our way, the litfest blog is the place to do it. Thank you to those who helped: acknowledgements are here

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