I’m feeling a bit better now. I bought some new trousers and ironed them with scented ironing water.

My computer at home is unplugged. I haven’t picked up a pen outside work for over a week now.

I didn’t destroy anything. I Flirted With The Idea. That seemed to be enough.

I had some nice emails. A friend told me that Dostoevsky burned the first draft of Crime and Punishment. That made me feel better. Thank you.

My friend threw a wet towel at me as I languished in bed. He said I needed to get up and take a shower and stop moaning. I did. That made me feel better. Thank you.

I have some excellent ideas for the final editing tweaking of Cold Light.

Number three came to me a few days ago, almost fully formed. I’m excited again.

Also, BT agree that I don’t owe them any money. They owe me money. I have a credit from them. I should have new shiny tinterwebs at home before Christmas. I am going to spend the birthday of Jesus catching up on my emails. 

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