They Did It!

They really did pull the plug. And apparently I owe them £230. They are going to send someone round with a bic razor and a set of weighing scales soon.

And they have still not rang me about my complaint.

I stopped playing hard to get, and rang them. After about an hour, I got through to someone who had a few lonely brain cells and was able to look up my account.

‘Yes, I see you’ve a complaint about this bill pending. Someone should ring you back about it in two to three days.’

‘That’s what you told me in October.’

‘I AM sorry you’ve had a bad experience. Someone will ring you about this in two to three days.’

‘What happens if they don’t ring me?’

‘They will ring you. I promise you. There’s a computer system.’

‘Can you not put me through to the complaints department now?’

‘I can’t, it doesn’t work like that. They have to ring you.’

‘But they aren’t ringing me. I’m getting red letters.’

‘They will ring you in 3 – 4 days.’


That was a few days ago. More than 3-4 days.

Anyway. I don’t have much time to blog, but someone obviously does.

The project has been ‘reviewed’ and ‘plugged’ a bit here, by Sarah, who says:

It’s such fun – the whole caboodle – the story and quality of writing (of course), but also the frilly bits around the edges – the graphics, the links the red font on black background – how [not] cool is that? Poor Desiderus he’s been wronged and it’s bled into his vision of style. I mean, you’re safe with pink, aren’t you? It worked for Barbara Cartland; Barbie’s not doing too badly from it … I can just feel the imbalance of ability between these two guys (not Babs and Babs) and just hope I’ll be supersonically surprised…

Today’s post has been brought to you by the letter ‘K’, in honour of the friend who let me use her computer to catch up on my correspondence. She’s supporting the resistance, and we’re fighting the good fight against BT. 

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