I’m still not sure BT are actually going to get rid of my internet. They’ve been so incompetent over everything else that they might just forget to pull the plug on me.

But just in case they do, I want to point you in the direction of these two people so you have something to read while I am away.

Adorna Shine



These two are new to the blogging scene. The blogosphere. The blogging world. Blogland. Their blogs are new. Read and comment and join in and stuff. I think they’ll be doing interesting things over the next month or so. Subscribe. Put it into your feed readers, read feeders, whatever.

And if that wasn’t enough, Duncan Cheshire has taken up the reins and is blogging admirably as the newest addition at Sh, the interactive library novel.

I will be back soon. If you have sent me an email and I haven’t replied yet, it isn’t personal, I promise. I have been mad busy and the creative writing teaching starts tomorrow, so I have been doing things for that too.

LITHOPS status: amber. 

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