Sick of the Sight

My scalp is covered in long dead antlerly fingernails. But I want the fingernails to be shiny and big and full of body, causing admirement, but not staring. I want to have antlers that made other people jealous.

Socrates Adams-Florou interviewed me here.

I get on the bus before I can ask a policeman if vomiting on someone’s Roxy trousers and slip-on Vans counts as assault. There would be no way to prove I did it on purpose.

And a new short story here at Kate Feld’s Rainy City Stories.

I’m also reading tonight at the Duke’s Theatre in Lancaster, just before Andrew Motion as part of the Lancaster Literature Festival. This is the last date in the Jenn Tour.

I can’t wait until it is November. October has been a month for out and about, hob nobbing and chatting.

November is going to be a month of staying in, not talking, novel and no nights out. I think BT are really going to pull the plug on me. I think that’s okay. I stopped having a telly for good reasons, but now the tinterweb uses up as much of my time as Eastenders ever did. I am going to use the library tinterwebs for essential things and see how I get on.

I’m working well today. In fingerless gloves. The LITHOPS are safe for now. 

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