Product Placement + Shameless Appropriation of Eye-Space for Commercial Reasons

I have a story in this. The story is called Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. There’s a big girl in it, and a young boy. There’s a box made out of matchsticks, and a can of hair spray, and a Christmas pudding. There’s angst over fruit cocktail.

You can pre-order this book on Amazon. It comes out in May 2009. The Independent on Sunday said it was ‘Excellent’. My mum said, ‘there’s quite a lot of swearing in it, isn’t there?’ Garry the cat said, ‘you haven’t got to grips with the semi colon yet, have you?’.

A Kind Of Intimacy stars someone who is quite a lot bigger than usual too. I’m quite a lot smaller than usual, so it might be some wish-fulfilment thing. I think I’m finished with people who are quite a bit bigger than usual now though. 

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