Look at This

I’ve been looking at these a lot the past few days. Junk drawers, medicine cabinets. They made me feel extraordinarily happy to look at them. When I’m a lady of leisure, I think I will use these pictures to make stories.

I’ve also been reading about Mark Dion, who worked with Robert Williams and made his own version of a renaissance cabinet of curiosities called Theatrum Mundi: Armarium. It’s a kind of library cupboard, and I think it is a more deliberate and ordered version of the medicine cabinets and junk drawers. I saw it in real life, but a long time ago, and I wish I had paid more attention. Go here to look at some pictures.
I like the cabinets, and the library for the birds best of all.

I’d like my house to look like those library trees and cupboards and junk drawers. Lots of things, lovingly arranged. I’d like to have a collection. I enjoy saying ‘ephemera’ and ‘miscellaneous’ so I think I’m half way there.

The only thing is that I keep throwing things away. If I don’t know what it is for or if I have to clean it or curate it in some way, it annoys me and it often finds its way back to the charity shop.

I started looking at library cupboards and junk drawers because I was interested in hoarding, and I am interested in hoarding because I noticed how often objects and domestic articles and useless items crop up in my writing. There are lots of ironing boards, shopping baskets, telephones, remote controls, broken corkscrews and recycling boxes with their lids missing. Whole processions of household objects, and a lot of the time they are broken or in the wrong place. So I think I have my library cupboards inside my stories, rather than in real life.

That makes moving house a bit easier. 

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