Library Assistant Wanted

As you know, I have been writing Sh with fellow librarian Emma J. Lannie for a few months now. (Full list of chapters here, for the ill-informed).

I need to take a bit of a break from it. Possibly until December. So I am looking for a stand-in. Someone to post alternately with Emma and continue the story.

Haven’t you ever dreamed of becoming my body double?

You don’t need to be an actual librarian in real life, although if you were, that would be good. Email me or Emma and we’ll set you up.

I need to take a break because I’m going to be working on another blogging project, collaborating with Tolu Ogunlesi. We’re still tossing around ideas at the moment, but we think it is going to be about doubles, identity theft, on-line personae, stalking and internet creepery. Hopefully, it won’t all be entirely made up either. All my favourite things.

You can read Tolu’s blogs here and here, and some of his short fiction here, here, here and here.

This is what the Litfest festival brochure will say about us:

Flax is blogging delighted to have commissioned writers Jenn Ashworth and Tolu Ogunlesi to collaborate on a fictional blog.

Jenn, based in the north west of England, and Tolu, currently in Sweden, will create one character, who will take you through the quirks and obsessions of their life, introduce you to new virtual friends, and unravel a fascinating tale of identity theft. The story starts as the festival closes, on Monday 3 November.


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