Beat The Dust Story + my mum

Here is a story that I helped to write in a kind of relay write with lots of other writers. After writing the story, me and Chris made hats out of postcards.

I was the only girl who helped write the story.

This is what Melissa Mann (ed. at BTD) said about the story:

To celebrate one year on the underground lit scene, we have a special edition of BTD this month. We brought together ten of the leading lights from the Brit Lit scene for a Literary Jam session to see what impact team-working and improvisation would have on the creative writing process.

The writers who took part were Brutalists Tony O’Neill and Ben Myers and various members of the OffBeat Generation – Lee Rourke, Paul Ewen, Chris Killen, Steve Finbow, Darran Anderson, Jenn Ashworth, Matthew Coleman and Paul Kavanagh.

The short story we’ve created – WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT KANSAS? – has now been posted along with specially commissioned mock obituaries and author pics. To see how well the writers performed as a team and what effect collaboration and improvisation had on the writing, go to and read the issue online or in a printable Chapbook form. We were aiming for extreme creativity and the odd spark of genius from this seat of the pants approach to writing. Did we achieve it? You decide…

It has come to my attention that my mum sometimes reads my blog. Hello mum. In future if there is going to be nakedness or swearing in any of the stories I link to, I will put a special mum warning on in advance. Sorry. 

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